Ultramodern Sunset Strip Luxury Estate by McClean Design

Architects: McClean Design
Location: California, USA
Photo courtesy: McClean Design

The house is approached by means of a gated driveway and guard house. Passing through the gate a landscaped hedge leads to the drive court which is centrally located between the house, garage, and guest house. The garage sits in a spot that enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding canyons so we designed it to be glazed on both sides. All three buildings are connected by a water feature that leads the eye to a pool and spa at both ends. The main house is approached along the water feature by means of a short stair which leads to the front hallway, glazed and open on three sides with room for a significant art piece on the focal wall.

The entry leads to a stairwell where a beautiful chrome and stone stair ascends to the upper level bedrooms. Directly ahead is the living room, doors open to the right where the dining room is located overlooking the water feature. To the rear, tall suede door lead to the library/ informal media room where pocketing doors access a private landscaped garden. An interesting feature of this room is that the same film is projected on both sides of the drop down screen allowing people to circle around and watch from both inside and out.

The main living room is two stories tall and enjoys spectacular views of the Los Angeles Basin and the ocean beyond. The room incorporates a bar and glazed wine cellar as well as an elongated see through fire place that is visible from the family room on the other side. The combined kitchen and family room has a more intimate feeling than the living room and appears to float over the water feature. From here it is possible to look back along the water past the garage all the way to the guest house and beyond. This room also enjoys wonderful views of the city below and leads directly to the back yard, covered dining area and expansive elevated terrace below the infinity pool. This terrace is designed for entertaining large groups and incorporates an extended fire feature and comfortable seating. This level of the house is completed by services spaces and an office for the owner.

Below the main level are two large bedroom suites each with their own outdoor area. Across the lower courtyard is the gym and wellness center. Located directly below the garage it incorporates sliding walls of glass to make the most of the mild climate. The upper level of the house contains the master as well as two additional bedrooms. At the top of the stairs there is a gallery space that looks into the living room below and out to the water feature. The master bedroom itself has his and her bathrooms complete with large closet areas. The sliding panels of glass surrounding the bed and sitting area open automatically to the deck which reveals the best view of the house enjoyed by this room. The other two bedrooms are expansive and have their own walk in closets and separate baths.

Across the drive court from the main house a separate and independent guest house contains two bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen and its own services spaces. The palette of materials is designed to be warm and contemporary. We have made extensive use of polished stone and added wood elements for warmth. All kitchens and bathrooms in corporate Italian furniture and fixtures, windows and doors are bronzed aluminum. The house is located in one of Los Angeles most famed neighborhoods, only minutes from Sunset Strip yet still enjoying a piece and serenity made possible by the surrounding nature.

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Bayview Villa in Côte d’Azur, France

Location: Villefranche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur, on the French Riviera
Photo courtesy: Leo Trippi

The outsides are set with broad outfitted patios and a warmed endlessness pool confronting the that stretches out with a lawned garden. On 3 levels circulated by a lift up to the solarium patio, the insides washed with daylight include, on the upper floor a passageway corridor from the stopping and carport, the expert suite with dressing and washroom, one twofold room with lavatory and one twofold room with shower, all opening onto the solarium porch.bayview-villa-01 bayview-villa-02 bayview-villa-03 bayview-villa-04 bayview-villa-05 bayview-villa-06 bayview-villa-07 bayview-villa-08 bayview-villa-09 bayview-villa-10 bayview-villa-11 bayview-villa-12 bayview-villa-13 bayview-villa-14 bayview-villa-16 bayview-villa-17 bayview-villa-18

Hillcrest Residence in Beverly hills

Architects: McClean Design
Location: Beverly HillsCaliforniaUSA
Year: 2016
Area: 10.000 ft²/ 930 m²


This hillside home is located in Trousdale, Beverly Hills a neighborhood of single story homes famed for their views and movie stars. Our clients wanted an extensive basement level to provide entertaining spaces due to the limited options above grade. Our challenge was to find a way to get light to these spaces since the design would need to consist of a true basement. We took the concept of a light well and expanded it to create a true water garden located in the middle of the house allowing us to create a dramatic glass bridge entry to the home. The bridge is a unique experience changing the user’s perception as they leave the garden behind and enter the house. The water garden below dapples light throughout the basement making these spaces amongst the most interesting within the house contrasting with the view orientated rooms above. The house is fused with natural light throughout and a warm palette of natural materials creates a very comfortable living environment.
hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-02 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-03 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-04 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-05 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-06 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-07 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-08 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-09 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-10 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-11 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-12 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-13 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-14 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-15 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-16 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-17 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-18 hillcrest-residence-beverly-hills-true-water-garden-located-middle-house-19

Photo courtesy: Jim Bartsch

Paris Auto Show 2016

Guys did you miss amazing event called Paris Auto Show ? Don’t worry i got everything you need to know. Well the most visited Auto show on the planet has something great to offer you. Most of the Big names in auto industry focused on electric vehicles concept but Ferrari thinks different.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Italian sports-car maker Ferrari  amazed Auto Show visitors with the aura of the LaFerrari Aperta.The LaFerrari Aperta open top will retail at whopping $2.1 million.

Embed from Getty Images

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

GTC4 Lusso T is a four seater equipped with a smaller V8 engine rather than standard V12.

Mercedes-Maybach 6

This Amazing Looking Car by Mercedes represents the ultimate in contemporary luxury.

Embed from Getty Images

Renault Trezor

Amazing looks and style can describe Renault Trezor. This concept does not have doors instead the top lifts up from the back, tilting the roof and hood forward, allowing the driver and passenger to hop in.

Embed from Getty Images

Citroen Cxperience

French Car maker introduced The Cxperience, it’s top-end concept car.

Embed from Getty Images

Mercedes Generation EQ

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche unveiled Mercedes’ electric Generation EQ. The EQ will have a 500 kilometer range (310 miles) on a fully charged battery.

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Volkswagen I.D.

Volkswagen introduced its electric hatchback concept called I.D. to be as spacious as a Passat on the inside with a range of up to 600 kilometers.

Embed from Getty Images

Citroen C3 WRC

Embed from Getty Images


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Here is the Much awaited List of Top 10 Women Fragrances 2016

My Honorable Mention is Dolce & Gabbana The One for Woman


Dolce & Gabbana The One for Woman is out in the market for a long time now since 2006, its sexy  very sensual with powdery  vanilla trace. Girls out there should definitely try this amazing fragrance. Out of all the fragrances From the House of D&G, this fragrance is truly a fragrance with character. It has an amazing sexy, seductive vibe with a Vanilla accord.

10 Marc Jacobs Decadence


Nigh Out


9 Armani Code Satin




8 Dior J’adore


All Occasion


7 I am Juicy Couture


Casual Date


6 Dior Poison Girl

All Season

All Occasion


5 Narciso Rodriguez For Her

All Season



4 Tresor La Nuit By Lancome

All Season

Night Out/Date


3 Viva La Juicy Gold Couture


Date/Club/Night Out


2 Valentino Assoluto


Date/Club/Night Out


1 Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium


All Occasion




The First time i tried Dior Homme Intense was in Harrods London when i was just checking out the designer fragrances out there and suddenly a random shopper just came nearby and whispered you should try Dior Homme Intense and i did and WHOA,  It was an Amazing, Sexy, Seductive fragrance i have ever tried, only bad part was it has a Iris note which is considered Feminine, But wait this Fragrance is so powerful as in amazingly sexy that Iris is clearly overshadowed by its sexy appeal.

Dior Homme Intense is Luxury inside a Bottle. Words i can use to describe this fragrance is







Dior Homme Intense is an amazing fragrance which i absolutely adore, it smells powdery kind of waxy also chocolaty but not like actual chocolate that you would like to eat, just sort of a chocolate pie.

Now lets get down to the business:

Projection is Pretty Bad, Sillage is pretty good, longevity is also pretty good, you constantly have a nice scent bubble around you and it also last over eight hours easily. This by the way is most complimented fragrance when i would make a list of when i compliment other man. I have complimented many men in my life when i smelled this in parties, Clubs, Nightsouts. Formal high class rich men mostly wear Dior Homme Intense and if you want to know why, Just go to the local Sephora and try this luxury liquid.

Trends come and go – they might leave their impact on you, but like true love only few will have their marks cut deep enough to let you hold of them as something that has become a part of you. Character is made through experience – Charisma through Personality – Your taste is determined as a cycle of all three of them.

Lastly i would say this scent is an elegant and classy Scent that will Blow your mind away.

For Dior Homme Intense i would say either you love it or you hate it but you cannot ignore it.

Modern S Mansion near Moscow by Fourth Dimension

Architects: Fourth Dimension
Location: MoscowRussia
Year: 2011
Area: 11,840 sqft
Photo courtesy: Fourth Dimension

Residential house for a family of six people for permanent residence, with the possibility of inviting guests. Individual members of the family should be able to both hold full time together, and retire to the separate blocks of the house. We need to expand the play area for children and relaxation for adults.

The house is divided into a group of buildings placed in the center of the extended composition of the site. It is necessary for even distribution of development on the site and the creation of certain finished landscaped grounds around the building. At the same time, the volume of buildings, united by a common roof and open terraces on the perimeter, organize their micro-environment with courtyards covered terraces without sharing site, and organizing a recreation center. Part of flat roofing exploited. Volumes of buildings have one full glass side, a landmark view and work on the disclosure of the interior garden. The internal structure is covered outdoor terrace with retractable awning cover and outdoor seating area has an appointment. Around her, the main public functions organized at home and focused on the main alley section.modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-01 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-02 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-03 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-04 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-05 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-06 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-07 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-08 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-09 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-10 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-11 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-12 modern-s-mansion-near-moscow-by-fourth-dimension-13


Gone are the days when men use to carry briefcase to carry their important stuff. Time has changed so has Style. Leather Duffle’s are new style statement for men. Great quality Leather Duffles are great style accessory and they don’t come cheap. Leather Duffles can carry everything from Work papers to Gym gear. Invest into a Good quality Duffle that will last you few years and color should be more traditional such as brown or black, keep away from other shades such as blue or orange as they are eye catchers but in a weird way.

You can find some great designs over online shops like and and that too at  amazing prices.










Its very important to invest in Good Pair of Shoes because wearing beautiful, well made shoes helps give men a confidence when he walks not worrying about what he’s wearing.

There are three types of shoes every Man should invest in.


Lace Up dress shoes or brogues Works for Business or the weekend can go with Dark suit or smart pair of Jeans.



For all those semiformal occassions you should have Chukka Boots. Perfect Casual Shoes generally Comes in Suede Dark Brown or Navy Blue Color will look amazing with dark Jeans ,Basically a semi formal Shoe you should definitely own.



Few years no one would have thought sneakers can be Formal shoes. Well You can. The right of sneakers can be worn with anything from jeans to a Tuxedo.



Well These Shoes look amazing with jeans even with a great Suit, should be worn strictly without socks as Skin will give a definite wow factor.




Architects: Laidlaw Schultz Architects
Location: Corona del Mar, California, USA
Year: 2012
Photos: Larry Falke

This is an cutting edge construction modeling and a worldwide comprehension of style, the property holders drew nearer the engineers looking for something interesting and suitable for their developing crew. The home’s calm road setting gives no sign of the element waterfront sees open from inside, and this sentiment disclosure turned into the beginning stage for the outline.

A straightforward line isolating open from private, the first move about which the house starts, begins the dialog. This divider is punctuated with a sliding board and is then attracted up to uncover the striated walnut carport entryway that proceeds with the plane. The woven-steel board is the passage to the inside patio and private territory. As seen from inside the yard, the enceinte changes into an outside chimney and scenery for the glass-like pool. A mass of foliage toward one side gives a board of green to supplement the shining blue water; on the flip side, a ceaseless wellspring makes a mitigating soundtrack.


The house itself exploits these two outside spaces, inside patio and outside perspective, with a wrapper of sliding entryways that, when open, transform the house into an outside structure. A juxtaposition of lacquered cabinetry set against painted block dividers, and matured wood floors as opposed to stark white dividers further underline the equalization of advancement and style that make up this home

cormac-residence-01 cormac-residence-02 cormac-residence-03 cormac-residence-04 cormac-residence-05 cormac-residence-06 cormac-residence-07 cormac-residence-08 cormac-residence-09 cormac-residence-10 cormac-residence-11 cormac-residence-13 cormac-residence-14 cormac-residence-15 cormac-residence-16 cormac-residence-17 cormac-residence-18



Here is Everything you Need to know about Apple’s All New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


Improved camera which can take amazing 12 MP wide angle shots and it has telephoto cameras. Not only that apple also introduced optical zoom at 2x Digital zoom up to 10x so you can take more professional photo

Apple claims it has Long battery life than its predecessor iPhone 6s and can last 1 hour longer than iPhone 6s

Two times Faster performance than iPhone 6s than A10 Fusion chip by apple.

New Stereo Speakers for music junkies which delivers amazing  2x louder than iPhone 6S so a win win for musics lovers


iPhones 7 Takes way more time to charge than rival mobiles like Samsung mobiles and worst part is 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing which can be inconvenient for many people


New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes in all New Black and Jet Black Finishes and are Splash and Water Resistant with New Home Button



Yes ! Definitely ! Apple iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance.


The Name is  LaFerrari Aperta, the brand new ride is a convertible version of an existing model, the LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

The car was revealed to the public for the first time on September 29 at the Paris Motor Show, but it actually sold out in July — despite its hefty $2.2-million price tag.
The Aperta features a V12 engine with 750 horsepower, making it the most powerful engine ever used in a Ferrari road car, with a top speed of 217 miles per hour.



Location: Athens, Greece

Area: 10.800 sf ( 1.000 m2)
Land area: 75.400 sf ( 7000 m2)
Photos: in courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio

This private place of an aggregate 1000m2 (10,800 square feet) is situated on a plot of place that is known for 7000m2 (75,400 square feet). The house was outlined keeping in mind the end goal to give the feeling of floating over the water and cruising, motivated by the proprietors’ affection for yachts.
The bioclimatic outline of the home, the cooling sentiment the house through the contact of water and the utilization of sun and the geothermic vitality are reliable in building up an exceedingly dynamic and cutting edge additionally eco cordial configuration
.h3-02 h3-03 h3-04 h3-05 h3-06 h3-07 h3-09 h3-10 h3-11 h3-12 h3-13

Top 10 Most Complimented Night Out Fragrances For Men

Here is the List of Most Complimented, Sexy, Seductive, Amazing Fragrances that will definitely grab the attention of all the chicks in the Club. These are Most Amazing, Sexy, Seductive, Night out and Clubbing Fragrances ever.

10 CH Men Prive


9 Dior Sauvage



8 Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris



7 Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb



6 Armani Code Profumo



5 Paco Rabanne One Million



4 Dior Homme



3 Valentino Uomo



2 Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP



1 Dior Homme Intense


1181 N. Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills

1181 N. Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills

Location: Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, California, USA
Photo courtesy: Patrick T. Fallon

Description: 23,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills with views of Malibu Beach and downtown Los Angeles has been listed for a staggering $85 million.
The real estate listing warns: “be prepared for an overwhelming sensory experience unlike any you’ve felt before.” It’s not exaggerating.

The two-level home, which was completed by the firm’s creative team this month, has eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, an underground garage, wine cellar, and even a movie theater.

Located in the elite neighborhood of Trousdale Estates, the home looks like a showroom with two fully stocked bars, a gym, game room, and infinity edge pool.


jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest133-1024x676 jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest114-1024x676 jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest103-1024x676 jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest100-1024x676 jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest097-1024x676 jay-z-beyonce-85-million-beverley-hills-mansion-1181northhillcrest092-1024x676 10 9 8 7 18 17





Want to Upgrade Perfume Collection for 2016. I am sharing with You the most desired perfumes for Fall 2016 in my gallery. Plenty of new fragrances will be launched on the market in coming weeks. If you want to make sure you make the right choice, keep in mind that the must-have note of the season is Iris with caramel. Caramel can warm up any fragrance and makes it perfect for any time of the year especially Winters. Layering with Fragrances can be done which means superposing scents one over the other, based on their composition. That is definitely a wonderful way to create a unique Fragrance for Yourself.





The best mens cologne must be thoughtfully paired with the specific situations and occasions in which it will be worn. Seductive dark, tobacco and woody smells suit evening events, while fresher or citrus fragrances work better for everyday wear and the office.

The last thing you want to do is be known as the ‘too much men cologne’ guy at work, so choose appropriately and apply sparingly.

Most of the best mens cologne and fragrances can be purchased online, however we recommend trying them on in store first. Spray some on in the shop, then go for a walk and see how it smells after 15 minutes. Most mens colognes smell different on everyone. Your skin and pheromones react with the potion to personalise the scent, meaning you don’t have to drop thousands on a custom cologne to get something unique.


By the time you’ve sampled your fourth average fragrance at a large department store you’ll likely have scent fatigue so a better place to begin is a smaller boutique specialising in fewer lines which has done some of the ground work for you.

Decide whether you’re after something fresh and light or a heavier scent and stick to that category. Then just start spraying. Remember that any aftershave will smell quite different on your skin to how it comes across on a cardboard scent strip, so make sure you test the favourites on yourself.

It’s nice to ultimately have a collection including a fragrance from each scent category, for instance: a citrus, a woody, a floral, a spicy and a marine – this way you’re covered regardless of the mood or occasion.”